The Place Justice Project


Place Justice in Maine

The Place Justice Project invites all who call Maine home to begin taking active notice of whose memory is visible and celebrated around us and whose has been erased or misrepresented. The Permanent Commission envisions a Maine that is safe and welcoming for all people and where all people, the land, and the water are cared for and protected based on their inherent dignity and worth.

To move toward this vision, our Place Justice consultants hosted a series of panel discussions and film screenings in 2023. You can view recordings of these events and find links to the films below.

Event Series

Four Decades & Four Bills: Dealing with Offensive Names and Symbols in Maine

Film Screening and Discussion: Fighting Indians

Names Matter: Regional and National Initiatives to Address Racist Place Names

Land, Language, and Belonging: A Conversation with Poets, Scholars, and Activists

Film Screening and Discussion: Bounty

Film Screening & Discussion: Change the Name 

Naming the Problem: Problematic Place Names in Maine and How to Make Positive Change